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Summer Zoo Camp 2013

Jan 15 2013
by NEW Zoo Education Dept

The NEW Zoo is pleased to announce our 3rd annual Summer Zoo Camp Program for elementary school-aged children.  Children who participate are sure to have a WILD time!

The 2013 Summer Zoo Camp program will begin at 8:45am and end at 2:00pm each day.  Children must be registered to attend a day that corresponds to their age group.  A morning snack will be provided by the zoo, but parents should provide a non-microwaveable, non-refrigerated lunch for each child.  Each day’s program will include educational presentations, live animal encounters, special tours or exhibit chats, and other fun activities like games and crafts.  Children should dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. 

The cost per day is $20 for Zoo Pass members or $25 for non-Zoo Pass members.  Topics and schedule for each day are listed below.  Ages listed below correspond to the 2013-2014 school year. 


For students entering 5 year-old kindergarten

Monday July 8th or 22nd:  “Sense-able Creatures”

Ever wonder how animals see after dark, hear underwater, and feel without fingers?  In this insightful class, we’ll see how animals make sense of the world around them.

Monday July 15th: “Animal Armor”

Animals use many things to protect themselves in the wild.  From claws, poison, shells, and teeth: find out how animals survive in a wild world.


For students entering 1st or 2nd grade

Tuesday July 9th or 23rd: “Animal Extremes”

Animals survive in some extreme environments: deserts can reach temperatures above 130 degrees, and frozen tundras can be colder than -30 degrees!  From the depths of the oceans to the highest mountain peaks, discover what extreme living is like in this exciting camp.

Tuesday July 16th: “Native Neighbors”

Our own backyards are full of fabulous and interesting wildlife. From opossums to owls, spiders to snakes, we’ll take a look at the amazing animals that call our neighborhood home.


For students entering 3rd or 4th grade

Wednesday July 10th or 24th: “As Different as Night and Day”

The life of a nocturnal animal, awake in the darkest night, is very different from that of a daytime animal, surviving under the sun.  How are these animals adapted to see, hear, and hunt for food in their environments?  We’ll explore the answers to these and many other questions in this camp.

Wednesday July 17th: “Alien Invaders”

The aliens have landed! No, not the green space creatures – these alien invaders are already on Earth but they are far from friendly. Come explore why some plants and animals can actually cause harm to an environment and its original inhabitants.


For students entering 5th, 6th, or 7th grade

Thursday July 11th or 25th: “ZSI: Green Bay”

From bugs to bones to bite marks, find out all about how animals help us solve mysteries.  We’ll investigate the real-life techniques used by both crime scene detectives and wildlife scientists alike.   

Thursday July 18th: “Toys and Treats”

Everyone loves toys and treats, and animals are no exception. This “enriching” camp is sure to be a treat for wildlife and students alike, as we learn how having fun is also good for us all. 


Pre-registration is required and a limited number of spaces are available for each day’s session.  To register, or for more information, contact the NEW Zoo Education Department by calling 920-662-2405 or by emailing  Registration begins on January 7th.  A minimum number of students must be registered in order to hold each session.  Sessions that do not meet the minimum number will be canceled five days in advance. 


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