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NEW Zoo Welcomes Baby Bear

May 12 2012
by NEW Zoo Education Dept

NEW Zoo Welcomes Baby Bear!

The Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo is happy to announce the arrival of Aldo, a 2 ½ month old North American Black Bear cub!  The tiny cub was found injured and alone in the wilds of Oregon. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife contacted the Association of Zoos and Aquariums hoping to find a permanent home for the bear in an accredited zoo. Because he is so young, his only chance for survival is to be raised by humans. Bears who grow up expecting food from people (baby bears are VERY demanding!) can’t be released into the wild. Wild bears who are too accustomed to humans cause serious problems for people.

 Fortunately, the NEW Zoo was ready to provide a long term home for this cute little cub. Our adult bear Winnie has been on her own since she arrived here last summer. We have been keeping an eye out for a companion for her and were thrilled to rescue the 5 lb. cub. It will be many months before the baby is old (and large) enough to begin the introduction process. In the meantime, the little cub is spending a portion of his days in the viewing area of the back section of the Aldabra Tortoise exhibit where visitors can see him from 11:00am to 3:00pm daily.

 Aldo has already put on a couple of pounds and is spending a larger percentage of his days awake and playing. Be sure to stop by often to watch him grow!



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