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Turtle Assistance Day 3

Aug 21 2010
by Daniel Gray, DVM

Hello again everybody!

This is day three for Dan down in Louisiana with the turtles. We had an 8:30-5p day to day so a nice and easy one for us. The “turtle search boats” run by NOAA and Lousiana fish and game did go out today but turned around early due to bad weather so no additional turtles were brought in today. The exciting news today is that 11 turtles were released in Florida. Everyone was excited to know that the hard work is paying off with successful returns to the wild!

We did morning treatments which consisted of drawing blood on several turtles. We treated many with various antibiotics like clindamycin, enrofloxacin, and ceftazidime. We also use treatments like fluids, vitamins, iron supplement, calcium supplement, bicarbonate, potassium, and tube feeding. After treatments were done we spent the rest of the day reviewing records, reviewing backlogged lab samples and xrays and updatding treatment recommendations for about ½ of the 160 some patients. The greatest thing to report is that of the hundreds of turtles that have been admitted only 3 have died of their injuries or illnesses. This is a tribute to the care they are receiving and how tough sea turtles are. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.