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Turtle Assistance Day 2

Aug 21 2010
by Daniel Gray, DVM

Hello again everybody, another hot and muggy day here in Louisiana.  We had a light day but a good day today.  Unfortunately, no boats could venture out again due to the lingering tropical depression, however  we had backlogged work and current turtle residents to work with today.  We worked mostly on Kemps turtles but we had to work on a couple of greens too.  We are treating a few for pneumonia and several had to to take their antifungal medications by mouth.  Nothing upsets a sea turtle more than making them take meds they don’t want!  Morning treatments took three hours today and we had a few xrays to take.  We are monitoring the progress of a few turtles with shark bites and so far they are all healing well.  The press was here today as we begin preparations of the release of the bottlenose dolphin we have in hospital.  He is a unique dolphin who has gained over 40kg after ridding him of his lungworms and bacterial pneumonia.  Now he is frisky and getting himself into trouble as any good teenage dolphin is likely to do.   We are excited to see him released as he is growing too accustomed with his current situation and surroundings.  We were able to get caught up on all of our blood work interpretation and are about ready to embark on xraying the several turtles that were evaluated to be non-critical on intake but still need to be monitored.  We still have much work to do and are moving forward nicely.  We both hope and don’t hope some turtles come in for us to work with.  We hope so to keep us busy but don’t hope so because that means sick and injured turtles.   We’ll talk to you tomorrow.