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Turtle Assistance day 11 & 12

Aug 31 2010
by Daniel Gray, DVM

Hello everybody!

On Thursday I was given the day off to explore New Orleans Lousinana.  I used the time to catch up on a little sleep then made my way to the National World War II museum.  After that was finished I met up with Chelsea the technician and Dr. Govett and we toured part of the John Lafiette bayou national park.  Both places were very neat and if you ever come to the area I’d highly recommend it.

Friday brought on a pretty standard and uneventful day.  We started at 8:30am and did antibiotic and feeding treatments until about 10:30 am.  We then looked over a very large stack of blood results that came in yesterday.  We have been discovering that about half of the turtles are doing great and about ½ we are finding need supplements like calcium or iron, nothing serious but it’s good we are keeping on top of it.  At noon the head clinical vet Dr. Mclean took us out to lunch were we ate some more tasty seafood.  We then returned for a couple more hours of blood work interpretation and radiograph interpretation.  Once again, not too exciting, but critically important to the turtles in our care.

Today we’ll showcase where we do treatments and some of our “setups”.

Here is our map of where each turtle lives in each area of the building

Here is our “filing” system. Each three ring binder is for one turtle in our care.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Here is our treatment set up where both vets work on one side with both techs on the other.

Here is a closer view where of where one vet and tech work