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Turtle Assistance Day 13

Aug 31 2010
by Daniel Gray, DVM

Hello everybody!

It was a dreary rainy day here in Louisiana as a large weather front sat over us and slowly spun all day, but regardless of the weather we had turtles to help. Today started at 8am as we had to arrive before the dedicated feeding staff to stuff oral antibiotics and vitamins into

Here is an example of a sliverside we use to medicate the turtles

Atlantic silverside fish.

Each medication or vitamin laced fish is then fed to each turtle that needs it and the medications are then recorded in the chart. We then proceeded to give the small number of turtles who needed it injections and oral tubing of ground food or antifungal medications. A couple of turtles had their red cell counts checked to make sure they were not becoming anemic (low red blood cells) as a side effect of oil exposure.
Here is Dr. Govett drawing a sample of blood from a turtle. As you can see we draw blood from a turtle’s neck.

Here Dr. Govett draws blood from a Kemp's Turtle

After treatments were completed we once again sat down and combed through blood work that was collected and returned. We did this until about 1p then Dr. Mclean the head clinical veterinarian of the facility treated us all to a barbeque at his house so we spent the rest of the day loafing.
I’ll talk to you tomorrow!